This promotion is for everybody who follow our sms matches and send sms ten times.
When you complete sending 10 sms please send email to with subject: SEND10SMS. Text message with your country and phone number who use for our sms servise.
Our support will check your detalis and reply you as soon is posible (no more then 30 minutes).
You will get 1-3days subscription and will received fixed games and sms games for next three days.

Share our website on your facebook profile and get:

- 5% off the price for premium membership
– 7% off the price for golden membership
– 10% off the price for diamond membership
Make sure your profile have more then 300 friends.
When you are done with sharing please contact with subject: SHAREGROBAR1X2. Text message with your membership you want to get. Our support will review your sharing and reply you ass soon is posible (no more then 30 minutes).

Share our web site on your facebook profile and contact wuth subject: 2BIGBANGTICKETS. Text message with link of facebook profile you was share.

Make sure your post is publish. Our support will review at your profile and reply you as soon is possible (no more then 30 minutes).
You will be allow to buy 2 Big bang tickets for extra price of €45.

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